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Gloss and protection in seconds!Ā 

Product description

Finish Spray is an instant, easy to use gloss enhancer. Itā€™s ready to use formula, giving outstanding results in a simple and quick spray on/rinse off process. Despite its ease of use, this specially formulated spray enhances the appearance of all bicycle types, providing a glossy, protective layer that ensures your bike looks as good as new.

Key Features:

  • Showroom Finish: Gives your bike a glossy, polished look for a showroom finish.
  • Protective Coating: Creates a durable layer that shields against dirt, water, and UV rays.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for all bike surfaces, including frames, forks, and components.
  • Easy Application: Simply spray on and wipe off for instant results.
  • Long-Lasting Shine: Maintains your bike’s shine between washes and rides.

How to Use:

Dry application:

  1. Ensure your bike is clean and dry.
  2. Spray Finish Spray evenly over the bike’s surface.
  3. Wipe off with a clean, dry cloth, buffing gently for a high shine.
  4. Allow to dry completely before ride.

Wet application:

  1. Ensure your bike is clean but still wet.
  2. Spray Finish Spray evenly over the bikeā€™s surface.
  3. Rinse immediately after applying.
  4. Use a clean Microfiber Towel to dry off the bike.

* Can be used on matte bikes for hydrophobic protection without altering their original finish.

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